YouBike, or Taipei Bike Sharing System, is a public bicycle sharing service offered by the Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government in a BOT collaboration with Giant Bicycles. The bike system is noted for offering free service in the first 30 minutes of use.[1]

You can find and rent a YouBike at many locations around Taipei, usually near MRT Stations or Taiwan’s long distance Railway Stations in Taipei City Area.

Go here for YouBike’s Official Taipei Map of all YouBike Stations.

Heres a great video guide to show you how to get your youbike.

The Service is so convenient, many other countries are trying start similar services in their own cities.

Ciyou Temple (Chinese松山慈祐宮pinyinSōngshān Cíyòu GōngPe̍h-ōe-jīSiong-san-chû-iū-kiong) is a temple in Songshan DistrictTaipeiTaiwan. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Mazu. It was constructed in 1753 CE.[1]

Located right outside Raohe Night Market and about a 5-7 minute walk from The Meeting Place

According to legends the temple was founded by a wandering monk who came upon a group on Matsu followers. Together they raised money for ten years and then built their temple.[2]

Built in 1753, Ciyou Temple is dedicated to the deity Black Faced Mazu. The temple is square, rises six floors and has an impressive main hall. The roof ridge is elaborately adorned with twin dragons facing three immortals representing wealth, happiness and longevity—a motif symbolizing divine protection. The stone lions at the main hall were carved in 1803. Unusually, the male lion is depicted with an open mouth and the female with mouth closed.

The Raohe Street Night Market (Chinese饒河街觀光夜市pinyinRáohé Jiē Guānguāng Yèshì) is one of the oldest night markets in Songshan DistrictTaipei,Taiwan.

It is located on Raohe Street, a 5 minute walk from The Meeting Place, near Songshan Station, and is about 600 meters long.[1]

The Ciyou Temple is just past the east end of the market, also one of the most beautiful temples in Taipei.

Several things make this night market stand out from the competition. First, at the east end is a magnificent Mazu temple which is among the most spectacular temples in Taipei. Second, if you wander down any of the small alleyways on the north side they bring you to a romantic river park where you can sit to eat take away snacks. Third, there is a good variety of foods, and I recommend trying the fruit on shaved ice half way along the market, the Thai banana pancakes on the north side towards the west end and the giant bar b q mushrooms. Well worth the effort of going there.